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12.06.2024 The Shacklewell Arms London Info

Judy And The Jerks, Turbo, Gimic, Sex Germs, Rubber

03.06.2024 Cafe OTO London Info

Nu Jazz, Rubber, Yes Indeed

05.04.2024 Moor Beer Vaults London Info

Guttersnipe, Cuntroaches, Ekstasis, Rubber

31.03.2024 New River Studios London Info

Container, Nation Unrest, Louse, Coeval, Rifle, Rubber, Brand New Flesh, Viscount, Finit + DJs: Richard Fearless, Sob Story, Vanity Crystal, DJ Wilma, Liminal Project

17.02.2024 Paper Dress Vintage London Info

Night in Athens, Keno, Moist Crevice, Rubber, Catholic Block

24.11.2023 Spanners London Info

PC World, Skitter, Hellish Torment, Moist Crevice, Rubber + Repetitive Strain DJs

05.11.2023 100 Club London Info

Wolf Eyes, Yeah You, Rubber

30.09.2023 Sanford Street Housing Co-Operative London Email for Info

Neon Gru, Nina Harries, Rubber, Rubie, Subphonics, Two Part Inventions + additional stages

22.09.2023 New River Studios London Info

Brak, Louse, Casing, Gilroy, Hellish Torment, Rubber


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